Six Types of Online Maps

Online Maps are very helpful tools for various purposes. Essentially, online maps are map contents that are generated and delivered through the internet. They are 100% more convenient that traditional paper maps of course and the internet makes them more accessible too.

Here are the Six Types of Online Maps:

Analytic online maps:  These maps are more for exploratory purposes. They offer GIS analysis with or without geo data.

Animated online maps: Online maps of this description are powered by programs like Adobe Flash, Java, QuickTime and more. They are most useful in sharing weather conditions. Checkout to see such content.

Collaborative online maps: Think about a group of people working on map content. It is not at the top of its game yet and efforts to come up with collaborative online maps are still on unstable ground as people try to figure out what is the best way to create and improve online maps.

Dynamically created online maps: Synamic online maps are generated by an action of the user as he or she reloads webpages often from dynamic data sources like databases. The server generates the online maps on demand.

Online atlases: . They are easier to produce, cheaper, more accessible, and is easy to integrate with and benefit from other web resources.

Realtime online  maps: Realtime maps can be found online and they show the situation of something in close to real time such as the ones you see in traffic maps or vehicle monitoring systems.