Online Satellite Maps For Your Convenience

Satellite maps are map contents of places anywhere on the Earth that is commonly sought by people these days to get directions, find locations, or simply to obtain visuals of a place where they are planning to visit. There are many sources of satellite maps online but the best source is This is the top rated website that offers high quality satellite maps that you can use for various purposes.

Satellite maps have many uses in various fields such as meteorology, seismology, oceanography, agriculture, geology, forestry, landscape, biodiversity conservation, regional planning, education, intelligence and even warfare. Depending on the source, satellite maps can either be colored or in black and white, and elevation maps can also be obtained using the same satellite imaging process. How these data is interpreted is done using a set of specialized remote sensing applications.

Have you tried using satellite maps before? They are really fun. Visit to check some cool images out. Look up your address or your school or even the house of your cousin overseas. However, there are times when the satellite maps are not very clear. This happens when the imagery is affected by certain environmental conditions. This is actually where aerial photographs have a slight advantage over satellite maps.