Six Types of Online Maps and the Best Resource on the Web

Have you ever used online maps? They are very helpful tools for various purposes. Essentially, online maps are map contents that are generated and delivered through the internet. They are 100% more convenient that traditional paper maps of course and the internet makes them more accessible too.

If you ever find yourself in need of online maps, you can easily find one as there are many websites that offer them. However, if are looking for the best one online in terms of quality and scope, checkout the online maps from These maps are the choice maps of individuals who regularly find themselves in need of online maps for reference or guidance.

There are many types of online maps. A broad classification is between static and dynamic ones, which can either be interactive or view only. Depending on your needs, you may need something simple such as view only online maps, other times you may need the more dynamic. Here are various types of online maps you can see from

Analytic online maps:  These maps are more for exploratory purposes. They offer GIS analysis with or without geo data. There are people who do the analysis for specific functions and share the results for others to see.

Animated online maps: Have you ever seen weather reports with maps that are interactive other than static? Usually the TV stations show these kinds of maps but simply they add animation to the map by altering one or more graphic properties. Online maps of this description are powered by programs like Adobe Flash, Java, QuickTime and more. They are most useful in sharing weather conditions. Checkout to see such content.

Collaborative online maps: Think about a group of people working on map content. It is not at the top of its game yet and efforts to come up with collaborative online maps are still on unstable ground as people try to figure out what is the best way to create and improve online maps. It gets tricky because applications have to be developed so that what one person is editing at one time cannot be edited by another at the same time. Think of it as a lock system, plus there should be a system developed to make sure the results of the online maps collaborative effort are valid and useful to the public.

Dynamically created online maps: As the name implies, dynamic online maps are generated by an action of the user as he or she reloads webpages often from dynamic data sources like databases. The server generates the online maps on demand.

Online atlases: There are many sources of online maps such as and they are quite functional. Can you imagine having to distribute and produce paper maps, how expensive it will be and how ridiculous updating it every now and again will be? Truly, online maps have it good. They are easier to produce, cheaper, more accessible, and is easy to integrate with and benefit from other web resources.

Realtime online  maps: Similar to weather maps, realtime maps can be found online and they show the situation of something in close to real time such as the ones you see in traffic maps or vehicle monitoring systems. Sensors collect data and upload it to a website where the public can see it and use the information for their convenience. Visit to access online maps that you need for whatever purpose it may serve you. They are accurate and user friendly. The next time you need some guidance or reference, check out this website and get the online maps you need fast.