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A modern satellite can be moved into position in less than three days and can take the photographs for satellite maps quickly once locked on to an area. Large amounts of information can be obtained this way, producing good quality satellite maps on large scales which are good because it allows a larger area to be captured in lesser images. This means a lot of time is saved and it is more convenient. Checkout to get a look at these satellite maps depending on your needs. These satellite maps can be very good and detailed and they can capture your interest real well. Even if they are located several hundred kilometers above the earth’s surface, the satellite maps are in high resolution, even as high as 50 cm per pixel. What is common though is up to 41 cm. Those satellite maps that are used by the military have even higher resolutions but the map content and images that they gather are not shared with the public.


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Best Source For Satellite Maps Online

Satellite maps are map contents of places anywhere on the Earth that is commonly sought by people these days to get directions, find locations, or simply to obtain visuals of a place where they are planning to visit. There are many sources of satellite maps online but the best source is This is the top rated website that offers high quality satellite maps that you can use for various purposes. These map contents are obtained from satellite imagery, hence the name. Actually there is confusion between satellite imagery where satellite maps come from and aerial photography. A lot of online sources and even television shows say they are giving satellite maps but they are not really satellite images but only high resolution aerial photographs.

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